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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wishful thinking

I hope to pull myself out of my football slump eventually.  As of right now, the Vikings don't have a functional stadium and the players don't have a functional contract with the NFL - at least they won't in 48 hours.  Things don't look optimistic. 

Gophers basketball has been a huge disappointment this year, but at least I have the Twins to look forward to, although Justin Morneau is still, supposedly, suffering from post-concussion syndrome from a knock on the head sustained back in early July.  The team is not forthcoming regarding when he will return to the line-up... if ever.  I think it is time for the Twins to be honest and tell the public what is really wrong with Morneau.

Meanwhile, I took a picture this morning, a portrait of my current state of mind.  I call it "Wishful Thinking."

Wishful thinking on a cold March morning in Minnesota.

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