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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

May your team have more treats than tricks!

Happy Halloween 
Snot Bubble Football

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Johnson's Big Tweet

Here is Larry Johnson's actual Twitter that got it all started, including his suspension from the team and quite possibly his exodus from Kansas City. 

Believe it or not, Johnson actually graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Arts (not sure what that is?) from Pennsylvania State University.  Um... judging by his grammar and spelling, I am sure Penn State is exceedingly proud of their educational system...

The Rumors of my Death...

I believe it was Mark Twain who once quipped, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exagerrated."

Now former Vikings standout Orlando Thomas can say the same thing. 

It was reported today that Thomas, age 37, had died of ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.  Sports Illustrated reported it, the AP reported it, ESPN reported it, even the Vikings official web site reported it.  The local news stations in the Twin Cities also got the story wrong.

It seems somebody posted something on My Space and the rumor snowballed... but as it turns out Thomas is still alive and still fighting the good fight.

This is nothing more than another example of shoddy sports journalism that we've seen more and more of lately (at least I've noticed it more lately).  What ever happened to checking a story and verifying it, rather than taking somebody's My Space posting as fact?  I guess in this age of instant access, everybody wants to be the first person to break a story, even something as morbid as a young man's death.

Now I'm not perfect.  Sure, I get information wrong at times on this blog, even though I try my best to be accurate.  Still, I am not a professional journalist -- far from it.  And I've never claimed to be a "news" source. 

All the more reason why I get my sports news from The Onion.  Where else can you learn about Knowshon Moreno's sideline refreshment preference?

How big of an ass would you feel like if you had reported this story as fact?  I think a lot of people owe Mr. Thomas an apology.

Keep fighting, Orlando.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From the Crow's Nest - Week 7

You win some and you lose some.  Such was my week of fantasy football.  In Frozen Loon League, I pretty much pronounced myself dead on Monday night.  I was ahead by 11 points going into the game.  My opponent had Donovan McNabb and David Akers.  I had DeSean Jackson.  I thought I had no chance in winning that game, but thanks to Jackson's two big plays, I ended up winning by a comfortable 13 points.  I am now just a game behind the division leader.

In More Beer League I also led by 11 points and my opponent also had the same puke, David Akers.  I thought I had a pretty good chance to win that game, but no dice. Akers ended up with 13 fantasy points and I lost by two lousy points.  I've not won a game in that league in a month, after starting out with a three game winning streak.

Now a truncated version of "From the Crow's Nest..."

I was terribly saddened to see that Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the green light for constructing the new home for the Vikings, a 75,000 seat stadium located east of Los Angeles. 

Cardinals RB Beanie Wells actually ran with some authority Sunday night.  Now, about that fumbling thing, Beanie.

I’ll put it down right here:  the New Orleans Saints will be Super Bowl XLIII champions.

Will someone find the 2008 version of Michael Turner and place him back in the Falcons line-up?  My fantasy football team would appreciate it.  Thanks.

In his last two games, Miles Austin has had 421 yards receiving and four touchdowns.  Not bad for an undrafted free agent from Monmouth University.

By the way, the only other player from Monmouth to play in the NFL was Ned Scott, a tackle who played one season in 1924.

Dear Mr. Snyder:  It’s not the play calling.  It’s the execution.  Turnovers = Bad.

Matt Forte had just six carries for 24 yards in Chicago’s loss to the Bengals.  Have the Bears given up on last year’s golden boy?

Speaking of the Bengals, Cedric Benson had his revenge on his former team.  A whopping 37 carries for 189 yards and a TD.  Cedric said revenge was the furthest thing from his mind.  I believe him.

Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene combined for 265 yards rushing and three touchdowns against the Raiders.

…and JaMarcus Russell was finally benched.  However, Tommy Cable has already said Russell will be the starter week 8.  Translation: “Because the boss said so.”

Congratulations to Jake Delhomme, who added three more shiny new interceptions to his ever-expanding 2009 collection.

Why does the NFL insist on shoving American football down the throats of folks who really don’t care about it?  Why punish fans and players by playing regular season games in London?  Soccer and cricket are king across the pond.  The NFL will never change that.

Imagine how good Steven Jackson would be if he played on an average team.  Wow!

Who is the worse starting NFL quarterback:  Derrick Anderson or JaMarcus Russell?  Discuss.

Who the hell does Vernon Davis think he is, an elite tight end?

I’m starting to think the Patriots made Matt Cassel look really good.

Twitter:  the perfect vehicle for passive aggressive cowards.

And The Hail Mary…
My wife said she can tell how well a Vikings game is going by how many middle names I give Jesus Christ.  I thought that was pretty funny.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crystal Ball - Week 7


Here we go with another week of NFL prognostications.  I was 10-4 last week, let's see if I can match it this week.


GB 29, CLE 23
[actual: GB 31, CLE 3 ]
I had to restrain myself from picking Cleveland here.  I probably should have, but if I change it and the Packers win... I'll be mad.  I do think this game can go either way.

SF 24, HOU 27
[actual: SF 21, HOU 24]
This is a great match up between two good up and coming teams.  Since it is played in Houston, I'll go with the home team, but the Niners won't go away quietly.  Michael Crabtree makes his debut... oooOOOOooo I'm so excited!!

SD 32, KC 19
[actual: SD 37, KC 7]
Kansas City is fresh off their first win of the season, but I can't see the Chargers losing two division games in a row.  Not sure why I can't see that, but there you go.

IND 41, STL 9
[actual: IND 42, STL 6]
Honestly, do you really think the Rams defense is going to shut down Peyton and company?  I sure don't.

NE 37, TB 12
[actual: NE 35, TB 7]
Honestly, do you really think the Bucs defense is going to shut down Tom and company?  I sure don't.

MIN 24, PIT 31
[actual: MIN 17, PIT 27]
I picked against the Vikings last week and got it wrong (barely)... but I would be pleasantly surprised if the Vikings beat the Steelers at Heinz Field.  This is a game the Vikings typically lose.  I guess we'll see if this is a typical Vikings team, like those of the past 40 years.

BUF 17, CAR 27
[actual: BUF 20, CAR 9]
The Underachiever Bowl.  Does anyone really care?

NYJ 21, OAK 24
[actual: NYJ 38, OAK 0]
The Raiders put together back-to-back wins.  I got a feeling... a feeling deep inside... oh yeah.

CHI 28, CIN 31
[actual: CHI 10, CIN 45]
Cedric Benson seeks revenge on his former team... and he'll get it.  I think the Bengals bounce back this week.

ATL 29, DAL 24
[actual: ATL 21, DAL 37]
The Falcons are loaded with talent and the Cowboys are a team that's just sort of wandering around the playground looking for somebody to be their friend.

NO 35, MIA 24
[actual: NO 46, MIA 34]
Whodat... whodat... whodat think can stop dos Saints?  Not the Dolphins.  Sorry.

Sunday Night
ARI 26, NYG 31
[actual: ARI 24, NYG 17]
Should be a good game... and quite honestly I think this could go either way.  The Giants were humiliated against the Saints last week, so they will come to play.

Monday Night
PHI 24, WAS 21
[actual: PHI 27, WAS 17]
The Skins know the nation is watching and they know what is being said about their team.  I think they respond and give the Eagles everything they can handle.  Philly looked like a Pop Warner team against the Raiders last week and they know they need to get their act together, too.  I think this all makes for a very intriguing game.  Unlike the rest of the football world, I wouldn't be shocked if the Redskins pull out a victory, but I'll take the Eagles in a close game.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zorn Press Conference

 This just in from The Onion Sports Department... (hope it doesn't offend; I thought it was pretty funny!)

Redskins Hold Press Conference To Announce They Are Still Sort Of A Football Team

WASHINGTON—Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn held a press conference Sunday to reassure fans that, despite an inability to effectively execute their offense, defense, or special teams, the Redskins were still somewhat comparable to a real football team.

"It's been a tough season so far, and even though we are 2-4, we still have players, uniforms, Motorola headsets—all the components that technically constitute an NFL team, sort of," Zorn said while grimacing and making a "so-so" gesture with his hand. "Sure, I was stripped of play-calling responsibilities by team management, and I really don't have any clue who will play quarterback for us this Sunday, but I swear to you, in a weird, very convoluted way, we are in the NFL."

Placing his hand over the microphone, Zorn then spoke briefly with an unidentified man near the stage, and announced that, for what it's worth, the organization owns the Internet domain name through 2010.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From The Crow's Nest - Week 6

My week in fantasy football is not even worth discussing.  I got low score in both leagues this week, which has NEVER happened before.  My team in Frozen Loon League just plain sucks.  And my opponent in More Beer League had high score of the week (while I had low score of the week… not a pretty sight).  In the last three weeks I have had 343 points scored against me in that league.  I can attest to this:  it is much more fun to win than it is to lose.

Okay, time to climb the crow’s nest for week 6...

After further review, I’m not sure why the NCAA even bothers putting officials on the field.  In the games I watched on Saturday, I bet one in every ten plays was reviewed by instant replay.   Sorry, but that’s just not how football should be played.

This week Al Davis said that the Raiders must exercise patience with JaMarcus Russell, citing that many young quarterbacks struggle before becoming successful in the NFL.  I guess the same theory does not apply to young coaches, right Lane Kiffin?

Speaking of Crazy Al, why does he always have a towel in his lap?  Maybe I don’t want to know.

Yes I was playing against Tom Brady in fantasy football this week.   Thanks for asking.

Okay… my theory is the Philadelphia Eagles went on a major bender Saturday night, hitting all the hotspots in downtown Oakland.  At least I hope that’s their excuse for looking so bad.

Come to think of it, Sunday was an ugly day for the NFC East in general.  I’m thinking the Cowboys were relieved to be on a bye week.

Jay Cutler had more rushing yards than Matt Forte on Sunday night.  To top it off, Forte fumbled the ball twice near the goal line.  Forte averages just 58.8 rushing yards per game.  This, folks, is called a sophomore slump.

The Titans endured their biggest ass-whooping in team history, going all the way back to 1960 when they entered the AFL as the Houston Oilers.

Thomas Jones exploded this week for 210 yards rushing and a touchdown.  And the Jets still lost.  Some things just do not make sense.

The Seattle Seahawks should be embarrassed.  The numbers for Julius Jones, Justin Forsett and Edgerrin James combined: 10 carries for 12 yards… yes, for the entire game.  Is this really the same team that scored 41 points last week?

Ryan Succop defeated Scott Suisham in a field goal fest at FedEx Field.  It’s interesting to note that Succop was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2009 NFL draft.

My vote for the most unpredictably schizophrenic team in the NFL:  Houston Texans!

How’s this for a stat:  Matt Schaub has thrown for 763 yards and six touchdowns in his last two games.

Ben Roethlisberger leads the NFL in passing yards.  I didn’t see that coming.

Mark Sanchez looks very much like a rookie these days.  Jets fans are screaming for Kellen Clemens.  I officially pronounce the honeymoon is over in the Big Apple.

Daunte Culpepper should have stayed retired.  Just my opinion.

David Garrard had 335 yards passing, Torry Holt and Mike Sims-Walker both had over 100 yards receiving and MJD had 178 yards from scrimmage.  Yet the Jaguars still needed overtime to beat the Rams.  Things that make you go “hmmmm…”

In a matter of a couple of weeks, Sherm Lewis has gone from calling bingo at a senior citizens center to calling plays for the Washington Redskins.  If I was Jim Zorn I’d be humiliated.  On second thought…  I think that’s Danny Boy’s whole point.

After looking good in the first half, the Vikings defense stunk up the Dome in the fourth quarter, giving up three touchdowns in 2 minutes, 29 seconds and gave the Ravens a last second shot at the winning field goal.  It’s true what they say about playing 60 minutes of football… even if it is an annoying cliché.

The road to the NFC goes through New Orleans.  Just ask the Giants.

A glimmer of hope for the Cleveland Browns:  Rookie WR Mohamed Massaquoi.

Jake Delhomme threw two more interceptions on Sunday.  So far this season, for every two touchdown passes he‘s thrown, he’s tossed five interceptions.  And yes, he’s still the starter.

On the bright side, the Panthers had two triple digit rushers this week:  DeAngelo Williams had 152 yards rushing and Jonathan Stewart had 110 yards rushing.  Has the two headed monster finally awakened?

And the Hail Mary:

To all of the Titans fans who are calling the Patriots “classless” for putting up 59 points against your team, I‘ve got a message for you.  The Titans have a defense made up of professional football players.  Those 11 players had every opportunity to stop the Patriots and failed to do so.  Second, the Patriots starters sat most of the second half.  Third, the Patriots took a knee three consecutive downs with 2:36 left in the game.  The Patriots are not classless.  The Titans simply stink.  Sort of like my fantasy football teams. The truth hurts.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Crystal Ball - Week 6 (updated)


I've finished 9-5 two consecutive weeks.  Not bad, but I think I can do better (and God knows I can do worse!).  Some tough picks again this week.  That whole "element of the unknown" thing really pisses me off.


HOU 23, CIN 27
[actual: HOU 28, CIN 17 ]
Cincinnati is on a roll right now and the Texans look great one week, then mediocre the next.  This is a tough one to pick, but since the Texans defense is a little banged up I'll go with the home team.

DET 17, GB 23
[actual: DET 0, GB 26]
I sure wish I knew whether Calvin Johnson was going to play... my fantasy team depends on it.  Like in other games, the Lions will keep it close, but they just won't have enough to top the Pack at home.

STL 10, JAC 21
[actual: STL 20, JAC 23]
Steven Jackson goes over 100 yards in a losing effort.  Again.

BAL 22, MIN 20
[actual: BAL 31, MIN 33]
It sickens me to pick against the Vikings, but the winning streak has to end somewhere.  I hope I'm wrong.

NYG 26, NO 31
[actual: NYG 27, NO 48]
I've no idea which direction to go here.  Flipping a coin would be just as effective.  But until someone proves the Saints can be stopped, I'll keep picking them to win.

CLE 0, PIT 33
[actual: CLE 14, PIT 27]
Mangini won't lose his job anytime soon.  But he should.  This is a truly putrid team.  The homeless Brady Quinn will start the second half.

CAR 17, TB 10
[actual: CAR 28, TB 21]
Carolina sucks less than the Buccaneers.  I guess that's what you call a left-handed compliment.

KC 23, WAS 14
[actual: KC 14, WAS 6]
I picking this based off the fact that the Chiefs almost beat the Cowboys and the Redskins barely beat the Rams at FedEx Field.  Not sure if that's solid logic, but I'm sticking to it.

PHI 38, OAK 16
[actual: PHI 9, OAK 13]
Tom Cable will start randomly pummeling his coaching staff after this game.  He's good at that.

ARI 27, SEA 17
[actual: ARI 27, SEA 3]
I'm banking that Seattle's 41 point explosion last week was a a cruel mirage to Seahawks fans.

TEN 14, NE 26
[actual: TEN 0, NE 59]
The Patriots are supposed to win this game with ease... and that's exactly why I'm a little nervous picking them.  Hey, stranger things have happened.

BUF 13, NYJ 29
[actual: BUF 16, NYJ 13]
Jets fans will resume their Super Bowl plans after playing a Buffalo team that I thought was going to be really good this year.

Sunday Night
CHI 23, ATL 31
[actual: CHI 14, ATL 21]
Who gets more ESPN close-ups, Bo$$ Hogg or Arthur Blank?  Discuss.

Monday Night
DEN 29, SD 20
[actual: DEN 34, SD 23 ]
I'm starting to think the Broncos might have something this year.  Or am I just believing the hype?   Meanwhile, LT is one game closer to finding another team at the end of this season.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paranoid in Texas!

I was reading the Onion sports page and found this little story.  Very interesting stuff.  They really get to the bottom of things.  (click to few larger image)


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From the Crow's Nest - Week 5

Week 5 is in the books.  I had a .500 week in fantasy football.

In More Beer League my Big Brown Beavers were blown out for the second week in a row.  I scored a respectable 82 points, but once again my opponent racked up over 100 points.  Calvin Johnson killed me this week, but Ahmad Bradshaw served me well.  I think it would be prudent to stick Braylon Edwards back into the starting line-up.  It looks like he’s found a much better situation in New York and may be of some fantasy value now.  After starting 3-0, I have dropped two games in a row.

Much better luck in Frozen Loon League -- and luck is the key word.  I had a much-needed win in a big division game against rival River Rats, thanks to big games by Michael Turner (finally!) and Ronnie Brown.  I went into Monday night trailing by 11 points, but Brown came through for me… unlike DeSean Jackson who just sucked.  And Mike Sims-Walker, who was unexpectedly inactive.  Thanks for the heads-up, Del Rio.  I started Sims-Walker and got a big fat goose egg.  Despite mustering just 0.1 point between these two players, I still won.  Some times you just get lucky.  I am now 2-3 in the league, but incredibly I’m tied for first place in my division.  Yeah, it’s a weak division.

Okay, onto the Crow’s Nest for week 5:

After watching Monday Night Football, I’m pretty sure I can speak Spanish fluently.

 I wish the NFL observed Black History month.  It would be fun to hear the referee announce the first penalty of the game in ebonics.

Evidently the Tennessee Titans really do miss Albert Haynesworth that much.   After all, he's single-handedly turned the Redskins into a Super Bowl contender. 

The Minnesota Vikings gave up a first round and two third round picks to acquire defensive end Jared Allen.  Trust me, it was worth it.

Does Peyton Manning know how to throw for less than 300 yards a game?

I thought Beanie Wells would be a front runner for rookie of the year.  Yeah, I'm a dumb ass -- just like my wife says.

The Oregon Ducks have got nothing on the Denver Broncos when it comes to making a fashion statement on the gridiron.

Subtitle for the New York Jets: "Much Ado About Nothing."

There is a quarterback in the AFC East.  He's a relatively unknown kid from the University of Michigan, who was thrust into the spotlight and played lights out after the starting QB went down with an injury. His name is not Tom Brady.  His name is Chad Henne.

Since when do the Seahawks score 41 points in a game??

Matt Schaub led the league with 371 passing yards and two touchdowns.  Could this be the year he finally lives up to expectations?

You would think Roddy White's 210 receiving yards and two touchdowns would be enough to lead the league this week.  But nooooo.....

...Miles Austin piled up 250 receiving yards and two touchdowns this week.  By comparison, Anquan Boldin has 252 yards receiving and one touchdown on the season!

Believe it or not, Cedric Benson leads the league in rushing yards (487). 

Cleveland defeated Buffalo 6-3 in what might have been the most insignificant week 5 game in NFL history.

Are the Raiders really that bad or is it just my television? 

Speaking of horrible, Derrick Anderson was 2 of 17 for 23 yards and 1 INT.  It appears JaMarcusrusselitis is contagious.

It took me five weeks, but I finally got one exactly right: I picked the Panthers/Redskins game correctly and nailed the final score dead on.  Self high-five!!

Even though they are 1-4, the Lions are a much better team than they were 365 days ago.  Seriously -- I mean that.

Who can eat more chicken wings: Rex Ryan or Andy Reid?

Remember the main character in Metallica's "One" video?  I think that's how Steven Jackson feels right about now.  Oh God, help me hold my breath as I wish for death....

So far this season the Cowboys have defeated the Buccaneers, Panthers and Chiefs.  Those teams are 1-13 combined. 

And the Hail Mary...
Seattle Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt might be the biggest dumbass in the NFL.  It's one thing to get bloodied up while engaging the opponent, but to self-inflict a head wound so that you get a little air time on ESPN is pretty sad.  And stupid. 

Owen, if you wanna see some cool blood-letting, check this out:

Now that's entertaiment.

Friday, October 9, 2009

ESPN Gaffe

I was reading The Onion this afternoon -- my main source for news -- and I had not heard about this.  I was at the game and I missed the broadcast, so it was good to get the skinny:

"ESPN Completely Misses Brett Favre Storyline"

Crystal Ball - Week 5


I was 9-5 last week.  I must learn to not change my predictions after thinking about them.  So here we go.  Gut reactions here and I'm not changing them.


CIN 17, BAL 28
[actual: CIN 17, BAL 14]
Baltimore is coming off a tough loss thanks to a couple really bad calls by the officials.  I hope the NFL isn't becoming the NBA.  Home field = homer calls.

CLE 12, BUF 21
[actual: CLE 6, BUF 3]
I just can't see the Browns winning this game, although I'm not so sure they are any worse off without Braylon Edwards.  It's not like he was actually helping the team win so far this season.


[actual: WAS 17, CAR 20]
I'm taking the Panthers mostly because they've got home field advantage in this one; plus I'm really concerned that Clinton Portis' days of being a difference maker are numbered, if not gone.  The rumors of Jim Zorn's demise begin whipping up once again.  (Sorry Doug).

PIT 32, DET 19
[actual: PIT 28, DET 20 ]
I think the Lions put up a fight early, but will crumble in the second half.  I have to go with the Steelers.

DAL 26, KC 10
[actual: DAL 26, KC 20]
Part of me wants to take the Chiefs... but I'll go with the Cowboys.  I hope I don't regret it.

OAK 9, NYG 31
[actual: OAK 7, NYG 44]
A West Coast team traveling to the East Coast for an early game is statistically already behind the eight ball.  But a rotten West Coast team traveling to the East Coast for an early game against a very good opponent doesn't have a chance.

TB 13, PHI 29
[actual: TB 14, PHI 33 ]
Donny Mac is back and DeSean Jackson could have a career day.  Just a gut feeling.  Bucs fans are breaking out the paper bags.

MIN 33, STL 6
[actual: MIN 38, STL 10 ]
The Vikings should be able to win this game with 10 men on either side of the ball.  But once I start thinking like that, bad things could happen.  Any given Sunday, my friends.  Okay, enough of the bad vibes... positive energy.

ATL 28, SF 21
[actual: ATL 45, SF 10]
This is a tough game to pick.  If Frank Gore was in the picture, I might be leaning the other way, but I'll take the Falcons in a darn good game.

HOU 26, ARI 31
[actual: HOU 21, ARI 28]
Dear Arizona Cardinals:  You have the most dynamic wide receiver in the NFL on your team.  He wears #11.  Throw him the damn ball.  Fitzgerald has just 17 receptions so far this year.  I'm not sure what point Arizona is trying to make.  I'll take the Cards at home, but the Texans are not going to be a push over.

NE 24, DEN 18
[actual: NE 17, DEN 20]
Can Josh McDaniels pull another rabbit out of his hat?  If he can, I will start believing the Broncos are for real. 

JAC 30, SEA 20
[actual: JAC 0, SEA 41]
Jacksonville suddenly seems to be re-energized despite little support from their hometown.  Seattle was hyped to win the NFC West in the preseason... um, maybe not.

Sunday Night
IND 37, TEN 21
[actual: IND 31, TEN 9]
Boy, this looked like an epic match-up in August.  It should be a laugher.  There's just no way I can take the Titans in an upset.

Monday Night
NYJ 28, MIA 20
[actual: NYJ 27, MIA 31]
I can't figure out this Dolphin team.  I'll take the Jets, but I'm not overly convinced the Crystal Ball is right.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quarterly Report

We are already 25% through the season so it is time for my quarterly report; a quick glance around the league with some jottings and observations.

But first, my miserable week in fantasy football.  I lost in both leagues.  My Big Brown Beavers suffered their first loss in a total blow out in More Beer League... I won't go into the gory details.  I am now 3-1 in that league, but still lead the division.

In Frozen Loon League it gets worse... I lost by 0.6 of a point.  Yeah, six-tenths of a point.  When you lose a game that close a lot of "woulda, shoulda's" go through your mind.  Sure enough, if I woulda done this I woulda won.  Or I shoulda benched this guy and things woulda been different.  Crap.  As a result, my Norway Drive Dragons have fallen to an abysmal 1-3.  The only saving grace is everyone else in my division lost as well, so I'm still very much alive in the race.

The Monday night game was outstanding.  We had a great time and saw a terrific game.  The Cheeseheads (and there were a lot of them) were crowing pretty loud before the game, but were rather, er, "subdued" as they staggered out of the dome with their heads down.  Ol' Brett Favre put a knife through their stinkin' hearts.  I am starting to fall in love with that man.

Okay, now that we're a quarter of the way through the season, how do things look from the crow's nest?

Through the first four weeks of the NFL season:

The Titans are 0-4, yet Chris Johnson leads the league in rushing yards (434).  Something about that does not make sense.

Aaron Rodgers has been sacked a league-leading 20 times in four games... yet he's thrown for more yards than Drew Brees and is responsible for just one interception.  Wow, imagine if he had time to actually read defenses.

You know what?  I think a lot of people have forgotten how good Peyton Manning really is.

Michael Turner is #23 in the league in rushing yards and has scored just two touchdowns.  And I took this guy second overall in my fantasy draft?

Steve Smith leads the NFL in receiving yards (411).  No, not that Steve Smith, the other Steve Smith -- the guy that plays for the Giants.  Don't tell me you predicted that one.

Eagles tight end Brent Celek has more receiving yards than Greg Jennings, Marques Colston and Larry Fitzgerald.  What the heck is going on here?

JaMarcus Russell has completed 39.8% of his pass attempts.  He's thrown four times more interceptions than touchdowns.  His QB rating is 42.4.  Other than that, he's worth every dime the Raiders are paying him.

Speaking of bad quarterbacks, Jake Delhomme has thrown for two touchdown passes and seven interceptions.  Who pooped in Jake's coffee?

Fred Jackson has the second-most total yards from scrimmage in the league (493).  I can't believe it either, but numbers don't lie.

Darren Sharper, the ageless wonder, leads the league with five interceptions.

Tampa Bay's Mike Nugent has made just 33% of this field goal attempts.  And he beat out Matt Bryant in training camp?

The Rams have mustered just 24 points so far this season.  Remember when the Rams would score 24 points in a quarter? 

Ravens punter Sam Koch has dropped a league-leading 61.5% of his punts inside the opponents' 20 yard line.  That's what you call a secret weapon.

In 117 attempts, Kyle Orton has yet to throw an interception.

And the "Hail Mary"....  Michael Crabtree finally signed with the Niners for 6 years and $32 million.  Something tells me this wasn't much different than the offer San Francisco had on the table 10 weeks ago.  I hope the wait (and wasted season) was worth it, Mike.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yeah, this is a football blog, but I'll make an exception here...
What a season the Minnesota Twins have had!   
Congratulations to the 2009 AL Central Division Champions!!! 
And to all the "experts" who said the Twins didn't have chance when they were down seven games in the beginning of September...


A night to remember...

Pregame warm-ups.  Mall of America Field 
at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.  
Vikings vs. Packers.  
Monday, 5 October 2009

Nothing short of awesome!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Crystal Ball - Week 4 (updated)



Monday Night:

* GB 23, MIN 27
[Actual: GB 23, MIN 30 ]
I would love to see a Vikings blow out, but I know this will be a close game.  The Packers and Vikings always play each other hard, and this one will be the stuff of legend: Brett Favre versus his old team on Monday night.  I will be there with 64,000 screaming maniacs witnessing NFL history and I cannot wait.  Skol Vikings!  The Dome is going to be insane.

X DET 28, CHI 23
[Actual: DET 24, CHI 48 ]
Ever have a gut feeling about something?  The Lions suddenly have a little confidence and they played the Bears very tough the last time these two teams met in ‘08.   The Bears are beat up on defense and even though Lions workhorse Kevin Smith might not play, Maurice Morris is a veteran back-up with 22 NFL starts to his credit.  I think the Lions will have back-to-back wins for the first time since November 4, 2007.  Either that, or Matt Forte has a breakout week and I’ll totally blow this pick.

* CIN 30, CLE 7
[Actual: CIN 23, CLE 20]
How bad is it in Cleveland?  Fans are actually petitioning to bring Romeo Crennel back.  The way the Bengals defense has looked against the Packers and Steelers, I’m not so sure if the Browns even score in this game -- but I’ll spot them a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

* OAK 10, HOU 32
[Actual: OAK 6, HOU 29]
JaMarcus Russell is one of the most overrated player in NFL history. Each passing week becomes more and more clear he simply is not cut out to play in the NFL.  Houston is a tough place to play and the Texans are a good team waiting to bust out of their shell.  I will be very surprised if the Raiders keep this one close.

*SEA 13, IND 42
[Actual: SEA 17, IND 34]
Maybe this is a little too harsh.  Maybe it is disrespectful to the Seahawks.  Maybe I don’t care.  Seattle can’t keep pace with the Colts.  No way.

X TEN 26, JAC 24
[Actual: TEN 17, JAC 37 ]
Jacksonville got a badly needed win last week and they’ll put up a tremendous fight this week, but the Titans are basically in a must-win situation even though it is only week 4.  I like the Titans, but it will be a back and forth battle.

* NYG 30, KC 12
[Actual: NYG 27, KC 16 ]
Yeah, I picked the Chiefs last week.  My bad.  Enough said.

X BAL 29, NE 21
[Actual: BAL 21, NE 27 ]
I never thought I’d say this, but I think the Ravens offense is too powerful for the Patriots.  It would be helpful to know if Randy Moss is actually hurt or if he is “hurt.”  Moss is incapable of playing well if he’s truly injured. 

* TB 3, WAS 20
[Actual: TB 13, WAS 16 ]
Rumor has it that Danny Boy has interviews arranged for Mike Shanahan, John Gruden and Mike Holmgren on Sunday, even as the ‘Skins battle it out on the gridiron.  But the hirings and firings will have to go on hold for a week.  The Buccaneers are really bad.

X BUF 27, MIA 17
[Actual: BUF 10, MIA 38]
Marshawn Lynch comes back and I’m willing to bet T.O. will see a couple balls thrown his way.  Chad Henne, who has 31 passing attempts in his career, is now the field general for the Dolphins.  I’m thinking we’ll see lots of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in this one, but I like the Bills.

* NYJ 20, NO 30
[Actual: NYJ 10, NO 24]
I still think the Jets are a bunch of overachievers.  If they can shut down Drew Brees and company at the Superdome, I’ll start believing the J-E-T-S are for real.  I would like to see Rex Ryan’s ego deflated just a little, though.  Mark Sanchez isn’t exactly Mr. Modest either.

X DAL 25, DEN 17
[Actual: DAL 10, DEN 17]
I don’t know what to make of the Cowboys.  Come to think of it, I don’t know what to make of the Broncos either.  But the Crystal Ball says the Cowboys are the better team.

* STL 17, SF 24
[Actual: STL 0, SF 35]
A part of me wants to take the Rams here but I just... can’t... do... it.  The Niners are going to miss Frank Gore (so is my fantasy team).  Can rookie Glen Coffee get the job done?  You ain’t in Alabama no more, Mr. Coffee.  Lucky you are playing the Rams.

* SD 19, PIT 23
[Actual: SD 28, PIT 38]
The reports of the Steelers demise have been greatly exaggerated.  But the media has been quick to jump on the bandwagon, haven’t they?  It sounds like L.T. will be back in the line-up this week, but it won’t matter.  The Steelers have got something to prove this week and I think they’ll get the job done.