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Monday, September 14, 2009

Drafts in the Book...

What a ridiculously fun weekend.  Two fantasy drafts, lots of good food, cold beer and great friends.  Ran on about three hours of sleep both Friday and Saturday nights, but it didn't faze me... I did, however, sleep like a rock last night.

So Friday night our 12 man league drafted.  Nine owners were present, Kevin drafted online from northern Minnesota, Jon drafted online from Bismarck, ND, and Scott drafted online from somewhere in Texas.  About two hours before draft time my internet connection went belly up and I could not reconnect for an hour (good ol' Charter Communications).  I was sweating bullets because I am commissioner of this league and I was the only one who could start the draft online.  Luckily it all worked out.  Here's my team, drafting 2nd out of 12 teams:

QBs: Matt Ryan, Brad Quinn
Ryan is my starter... and like I posted on Facebook: Friends don't let friends draft Brady Quinn.  Yeah, this one comes direct from the "What The F*#k Was I Thinking?" department. I've got a feeling he won't stay on my roster, but we'll see.

RBs: Michael Turner, Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, Darren Sproles, Ladell Betts
I took Turner second overall.  I like Ronnie Brown this year... but basically I'm just waiting for Marion Barber, LT or Clinton Portis to get hurt.  Then I've got it goin' on.

WRs: Reggie Wayne, DeSean Jackson, Anthony Gonzalez, Kenny Britt
I thought this was the strength of my team on Friday night.  Monday morning, "not so much," as Borat would say.  I love Wayne and he had a big game Sunday; however, Gonzalez is out 2-6 weeks with a knee injury, and McNabb is hurt already, so Jackson has got Kevin Corn-Kolb throwing to him now.  Things change fast in fantasy football.

TEs: John Carlson, Kellen Winslow
This league allows you the option to start 1 WR and 2 TEs, and I just might have to go with that option week two.  Carlson had an outstanding game week 1 (as he twiddled his thumbs on my bench).  Winslow caught a TD (and sat on my bench too); both played better than DeSean Jackson.  Oh dear, my first quandary of the season and it is only week 1.

I also grabbed Neil Rackers as my kicker and the Ravens defense.  I should be okay in both categories for a while.
My 10 team league draft on Saturday night was at Gary's place on the banks of scenic West Leaf Lake.  More good food and last year's Toilet Bowl loser, Korey, bought the keg... which made the beer taste even a little better than it normally would.  Ah, now that's refreshing.

My team in this draft panned out pretty well.  I drafted 10th overall in the 10 team league.:

QBs: Peyton Manning, David Garrard
Peyton was a gift from the fantasy gods as he fell in my lap with the last pick of the third round.  This was the steal of the draft, thankyouverymuch.

RB: Frank Gore, Ryan Grant, Darren McFadden, Ahmad Bradshaw, Darren Sproles
I like the Gore/Grant combination.  I took Grant with the first pick of round 4, nice value if you ask me.  We'll see if McFadden turns into a football player.  When Brandon Jacobs gets hurt, Bradshaw will be my starter.  And once again, I've got gold in the bank if LT goes down.

WR: Calvin Johnson, Braylon Edwards, Santana Moss, Steve Breaston, Ted Ginn
I like Johnson, but I'm not terribly endeared with the rest of these guys.  I nearly took Percy Harvin over Santana Moss.  I really wished I would have now.

TE: Dallas Clark, Owen Daniels
For reasons I still don't understand, there was a run on kickers in the 13th round.  So while everyone was wasting their 13th round pick, I grabbed Owen Daniels -- an outstanding value pick.

I took Kris Brown in the last round as my kicker and grabbed the Giants defense, which I was very happy with.

We'll see what the Monday night double header brings.  So far both of my teams are leading, but my opponents still have players going tonight.  Time to chew those fingernails.

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  1. "I never should have switched starters..."

    The story of my Fantasy Football Life.

    You got some good pickups there Sam.

    Good Luck and most importantly...

    HAVE FUN !!!