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Friday, September 4, 2009

An Ugly Start

Did anyone see the end of the Boise State/Oregon game last night?  Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount threw a sucker punch at a Boise State player after the game, hitting him square in the jaw. 

And he was just getting started. 

He then turned on his own teammates and started punching them

Then he decided to fight a crowd of 50,000 (because he is Superman, I guess).

This young man has some anger control issues... YA THINK?!

Or maybe he was upset because he had to wear that putridly ugly uniform?  I believe it is Oregon's annual goal to don the ugliest uniforms in football history.  And every year they come through with flying colors.

Seriously, if I were the head coach for Oregon, I would cut this prick from my team.  Yes, he's your starting running back, but he's also just tarnished the image of your team and the University of Oregon.  What means more?  (Winning does... duh!)

But that won't happen.  He might be suspended for a game or two, ordered to go to anger control and positive self-image classes... and we'll all forget this unfortunate incident ever happened.  That sounds like the All-American thing to do.

But from now on, when I think of the Oregon Ducks, I'll think of two things:  1. Ugly uniforms  2. Thug mentality

"These ugly uniforms have turned us into sucker-punching thugs."

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  1. I watched part of that game last night before work. Unfortunately I didn't see the end until this am on Mike and Mike. What a f-ing thug.