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Monday, September 28, 2009

Crystal Ball - Week 3 (updated)


(Home team listed second.)

Monday Night
*CAR 23, DAL 28
[Actual: CAR 7, DAL 27]
Another prime time game for the Cowboys?  Ol' Boss Hogg must have pulled some strings.  I'll be honest, this could go either way, but I see Jake Delhomme giving the game away late in the fourth quarter and 'Boys get their first home win of the year.

*BAL 27, CLE 6
[Actual: BAL 34, CLE 3 ]
If Cleveland can manage two Phil Dawson field goals, they'll be lucky. I thought Brady Quinn, Medicine Woman, was a lot better than he appears to be.  Maybe it's just first year jitters, but he better get over them quickly or he'll have the jitters carrying a clipboard.  Ray Rice might have a career day.

*WAS 17, DET 20
[Actual: WAS 14, DET 19 ]
Oh boy, I might make an enemy or two here, but I think this could be "the one" for the Lions.  Detroit has lost 25 of their last 26 regular season games, going back to November 11, 2007.  It's gotta end some time and the 'Skins seem to be a team totally out of synch right now.  It's all Chris Meidt's fault.

X JAX 19, HOU 30
[Actual: JAX 31, HOU 24 ]
The vibes are not good in Jacksonville these days.  Jack Del Rio is already hanging onto his job by his finger nails and I wouldn't be surprised to see David Garrard benched just to "shake things up."  That would be a mistake.  MJD will get his yards, but the Jags have no answer for Andre Johnson.  Actually, no team has an answer for Andre Johnson.

X ATL 32, NE 26
[Actual: ATL 10, NE 26]
The Pats beat the Bills by a point, then lost to the Jets.  Maybe they aren't who I thought they were?  The Falcons are a team loaded with outstanding young talent and I'm starting to think the Patriots have lost too many playmakers on defense.  Has Belichick out-thought himself?  Is it blasphemous to say yes, he has?

*GB 27, STL 14
[Actual: GB 36, STL 17]
The Bengals upset the Packers at Lambeau... that surprised me.  But the Rams upsetting the Packers?  That would shock me.  (Come on, Rams, shock the hell out of me!)

*NYG 31, TB 17
[Actual: NYG 24, TB 0]
You know what?  The Buccaneers aren't very good.  I bet Kellen Winslow thought the grass was greener.  You ain't playin' for the "U" no mo, sucka.

X TEN 24, NYJ 20
[Actual: TEN 17, NYJ 24]
The Titans lost to the Texans, the Jets beats the Patriots, the Jets lose to the Titans.  Sounds about right in the unpredictable world of the NFL.  If the Titans lose this game they will already equal their total number of losses for the entire 2008 season.  A lot can change in a year.

X KC 20, PHI 17
[Actual: KC 14, PHI 34]
Do I dare pick the Chiefs?  Yes I do.  The Eagles are banged up and I absolutely hate Michael Vick.  That's my rationale.  Need a better one?

*SF 17, MIN 26
[Actual: SF 24, MIN 27]
The Niners shut down Adrian Peterson last time these two teams played, but that was two years ago.  I think Mike Singletary has got his team headed in the right direction and if the Vikings run defense chooses to extended their vacation for another week, it will be very bad news for my favorite team.

*NO 36, BUF 21
[Actual: NO 27, BUF 7 ]
Can anyone stop the Saints?  Not this week.

X CHI 24, SEA 27
[Actual: CHI 24, SEA 19]
After looking like a quarterback last week, Cutler farts his way through another game and the Bears let one slip through the cracks (no pun intended).  The love/hate relationship between Cutler and the city of Chicago continues.

*PIT 21, CIN 28
[Actual: PIT 20, CIN 23]
The Bengals will give the Steelers all they can handle...  and then some.  Pittsburgh's running game has all but disappeared, Roelithsberger seems to be on his back more than a Bangkok whore and Cincy has home field in a big division game, coming off a big win in Green Bay.  If the Bengals are going to beat the Steelers this year, this is the game they'll do it.

X DEN 14, OAK 24
[Actual: DEN 23, OAK 3]
JaMarcus Russell will overthrow 17 passes, under-throw 12 more and toss a couple of interceptions.  Despite his best efforts, the Raiders will win anyway.

X MIA 33, SD 29
[Actual: MIA 13, SD 23]
I think the Dolphins are the best 0-2 team in the league right now.  There should be lots of fireworks here.

Sunday Night
*IND 37, ARZ 34
[Actual: IND 31, ARZ 10] 
Speaking of fireworks, can you imagine the fantasy points that will be accumulated in this battle?  This will be a good one.


  1. Carolina, Miami, and KC hmmmm.

    If you get 2 out of 3 I'll give you a prize...

  2. Actually, I picked Dallas, not Carolina. But maybe my prize could be some advice on my 401k investments.

  3. Ooops yup you are correct.

    But Miami and KC lost....

    As for your 401, if you company matches a certain %, max out on what you can contribute. For instance, my company matches 50cents to the dollar up to the first 6%... so I contribute 6% to their 401. That gives me an automatic 50% return on my money.

    BTW, congrats on the Vikings win... Seems the ol' man still has a few tricks up his sleeve....