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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crystal Ball - Week 2

I just have too much fun prognosticating games not to do all of them.  I'll update this entry after the games have been played.  GREEN = Correct | RED = Incorrect

Home team is listed on the bottom.

Monday Night:
IND 30
MIA 24
[Actual: IND 27, MIA 23]
Got another one right... a very good week!

Another good match-up.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins actually pull this one off.

Sunday Night:
NYG 27
DAL 21
[Actual: NYG 33, DAL 31]
Yep, Boss Hogg had that stupid look again.
This will be an intense NFC East battle, but I think the Giants are the better team.  Besides, I like the stupid look on Boss Hogg's face when the Cowboys lose.

CAR 33
ATL 36
[Actual: ATL 28, CAR 20]
Pretty close... I'll take it. 
I look for this to be an offensive showdown and should be a fun one to watch.  Matt Ryan will be the difference maker.  How is it that Jake Delhomme is still the starter in Carolina?

MIN 32
DET 21
[MIN 27, DET 13]
A.D. was held to under 100 yards and the Lions kept it respectable.
A.D. will run and run and run, but the Lions will manage to keep it respectable.  They lost to the Vikings last year by a combined six points in two games.

CIN 14
GB 28
[CIN 31, GB 24]
Quarterflash was right... I should have followed my heart.
Going with my head over my heart here.  I'd love to see the Bengals pull off an upset, though.

ARZ 30
JAX 24
[ARZ 31, JAX 17]
Oooh, pretty close!
The Jags are a team in turmoil right now.  Jones-Drew is one of the best running backs in the business, but Arizona has too many weapons and Jacksonville has too little hometown support.

OAK 29
KC 17
[OAK 13, KC 10]
McFadden didn't come close to 150 yards... nor did he break out.  The Chiefs almost won.
The Raiders looked like a different team Monday night.  Darren McFadden will rush for 150 yards as the Chiefs fans long for the days of Kimble Anders and Tamarick Vanover.  Okay, maybe not.

NE 33
NYJ 10
[NYJ 16, NE 9]
I don't believe it.  Seriously, did this really happen? 
A rookie quarterback in his second NFL start?  Belichick's defense will eat him for breakfast as the Pats take out the trash.

NO 24
PHI 16
[NO 48, PHI 22]
Why did I think the Saints could be held under 25 points?  Oh well, I got the pick right. 
The folks in the friendly confines of Lincoln Financial Field will be out for blood.  Kevin Kolb's blood to be exact.

HOU 17
TEN 14
[HOU 34, TEN 31]
The Texans win by three.  Can I get a "whoot-whoot"?? 
Upset special of the week -- no one is expecting it and that's why I'm calling it.

STL 13
WAS 35
[WAS 9, STL 7]
The 'Skins came close to embarrassing themselves.  Any given Sunday, folks. 
This won't even be close.  The Rams might be the worst team in the league right now.

TB 17
BUF 28
[BUF 33, TB 20]
Bills win by 13. 
I said the Bills will win by double digits and I'm sticking to it.  T.O. has a 100 yard game after the experts wrote him off as a "has been" last week.

SEA 25
SF 31
[SF 23, SEA 10]
Frank Gore, I love you. 
Gosh, flip a coin.  I like Frank Gore way more than Julius Jones, so there you go.

PIT 37
CHI 12
[CHI 17, PIT 14]
Jay Cutler, I hate you. 
The Steelers D will shut down Forte and that's all they'll have to do.  This will be a blow out and Jay Cutler will be booed off the field.  (...ain't that too bad?)

CLE 22
DEN 29
[DEN 27, CLE 6]
Cleveland is even worse than I thought. 
A slug fest between two crap teams.  The less crappy team wins and Brady Quinn loses his starting job.  Wow, Kyle Orton is 2-0 as a starter!

BAL 19
SD 10
[BAL 31, SD 26]
Very good game.  I should have started Sproles. 
I wish the Chargers played anyone but the Ravens this week.  I would be starting Sproles in both my fantasy leagues.

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