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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Bengal Curse?

There are times when I just feel bad for the Cincinnati Bengals.

I mean, there's bad luck... but this stuff has got curse-like qualities.

First, they lose starting TE Reggie Kelly for the season with a ruptured Achille's tendon.

Then Carson Palmer suffers a high ankle sprain (and has officially landed the "injury prone" tag).

Then former Golden Gopher standout, TE Ben Utecht (Kelly's replacement), suffers a season ending -- and probably career-ending -- concussion.

Then kicker Shayne Graham pops a nut which forces Ocho-stinko to play kicker during a preseason game (and actually did a pretty decent job of it).

Then after a 32 day hold out, first round draft pick offensive tackle Andre Smith breaks his foot during his second day of practice with the team.

Now all turdboy Chris Henry needs to do is get arrested again.  I know he's got it in him; he's really good at it.
In other news... it sounds like Brandon Marshall could be wearing New York Jets green before the regular season begins.  I have no doubt he'll be traded.  He's a world class a-hole and I'd never want him on my team, nor would I want to be his teammate. 

Seems the Jets are magnets for a-holes.  (Hey, Brett Favre was a Green Bay Packer for 16 years.  You can't do that and not resemble a rectal cavity).
The Jets new helmet?

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