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Monday, September 7, 2009

Around the League

Things are happening fast and furious in the football world these days.

First, some talk about my favorite team.  Then there were 53.  No big shocks with any of the cuts, although I was surprised that RB Ian Johnson, former standout at Boise State, didn't make the team.  The Vikings did place him on their practice squad, so they obviously saw plenty of potential there.  I really like this guy.  He's a darn good football player. Instead of Johnson, RB Albert Young made the final squad.  I'm okay with that; Young played very well in the preseason -- and in situations like this, it most likely came down to special teams ability.

And I don't know how this possibly could be, but the media was wrong.  Chris Mortensen was wrong.  Jay Glazer was wrong.  John Clayton was wrong.  The Vikings did not trade Tarvaris Jackson.  They kept him, cutting John David Booty instead (subsequently signing him to the practice squad).   Ultimately this was a smart move.  I don't think Jackson is a starting-caliber quarterback, but I believe he makes for a very good back-up.  If you read my blog on a frequent basis, you know I'm not a member of the T. Jax fan club, but the QB depth is much stronger with him on the roster.

My fantasy drafts are coming up this weekend; the NFL season starts on Thursday and there's all kinds of stuff swirling around the football world right now.  Here are some of the more interesting stories...

  • Pierre Thomas was seen hobbling around the Saints locker room after reportedly "cutting" his leg on a fence.  He's also got a sprained knee which occurred earlier this preseason.  I wasn't so sure about Thomas anyway and this news isn't doing anything to increase my confidence in the guy.

  • Richard Seymour was traded to the Raiders over the weekend.   ...or was he?

  • Shawne Merriman was arrested at 3:45 AM Sunday morning.  I see he's hanging out with good, quality people.  Folks, nothing good happens at 3:45 AM.  Unless, of course, your child is being born.
Dear Mr. Merriman:  She likes girls.  Just so you know.

  • Don't look now, but Cadillac Williams is the starting tailback for the Tampa Bay Bucs.  I saw just one Buccaneer preseason game and I thought Williams looked extremely good.  How long he can stay healthy is anyone's guess, but Derrick Ward may have been the most over-valued player in the 2009 fantasy draft.  Only time will tell.

  • Matt Stafford won the starting job over Daunte Culpepper, even though Chris Mortenson reported Culpepper was favored to win the job (can you tell I have little love for "Mort"?).  I'm not so sure about this -- I've heard that Stafford has got a good rapport with Calvin Johnson, but I'm wondering if Johnson is going to have a down year with a rookie throwing him the ball?  And yes, I thought the same thing about Roddy White last year, which goes to show just how much I really know.  (Then again, the QB situation in Detroit can't be any worse than it was last year: Culpepper, Dan Orlovsky, Jon Kitna, Drew Stanton and Drew Henson all attempted passes for the Lions last year.  Let's not sugar coat it: that's really, really horrible.)
In a parting thought -- reason #427 why I hate the BCS.  For all intents and purposes, Oklahoma's season is over.  They lost to #20 BYU on Saturday night and unless everything goes right for them (and wrong for everyone else), they might as well hang up the pads and plan for next year.  They have no shot at a national title.  Heck, who needs playoffs? 

More football talk to come.  Happy Labor Day everyone!

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  1. Yup. This is a great time of year!
    Lots of stories, trades, and media spins happening around the league.
    And not to be left out...The Skins and Giants are stirring up the media pot too with the release of Daniels and the signing of Woodson.
    BTW, quite an interesting selection from the "bubble" video library...